Friday, June 1, 2012

So, you are searching for a fix to repair your damaged Xbox 360 with the 3 Red Lights problem

How did I understand?

Most likely because 10% of Xbox 360 360s will build up the dreaded Three Red-colored Lights, generally known to because the Red-colored Ring of Dying (RROD).

And also the sad factor is, Microsoft has been doing hardly any to assist the participant community. We spend 200 dollars or even more for any product that's almost certain to fail, after which are squashed into having to pay costly and (what ought to be) unnecessary support from the organization.

So What is the Answer?

If this involves the 3 Red-colored Lights on Xbox 360 Fix, you've 2 options:

1. Send the console off and away to Microsoft, purchase costly repair services (excluding pricey shipping costs), wait 4-6 days to allow them to ship it back, and cope with horrible customer support on the way.


2. Repair it yourself.

Repair it Myself! Are You Currently Crazy? Don't panic, I am not crazy.

Unlike what you are able think, fixing an Xbox 360 is actually easy. It's not necessary to be considered a computer genius or perhaps a technical guru. It just takes a couple of tools you are certain to have around your home, a while, along with a guide with step-by-step instructions to idiot-proof the procedure.

Why you receive individuals three red-colored lights on Xbox 360 is due to something known as an X-clamp. The X-clamp supports the graphical processor in position so when the machine will get too hot, it flexes and makes you have an error message - three red-colored lights.

How About my Warranty? So you are still under warranty? Which means you'll pay to possess your 360 shipped off, wait 4-6 days, then obtain a refurbished system back that will in all probability provide you with individuals same three red-colored lights soon.

You Stated it requires a Couple of Tools. What type of Tools? For that three red-colored lights on Xbox 360 fix, you will need simply a screwdriver along with a knife to pop the situation off.

How Lengthy Will it Take? Got 45 minutes to an hour? You'll be able to have your Xbox 360 ready to go much like new.

Just How Much is really a Repair Guide Likely to Cost? The 3 Red-colored Lights on Xbox 360 Fix Guide which I use costs $30. Which includes pictures, step-by-step videos, online support, along with a cash back guarantee. You heard right, whether it does not work (should you start watching the videos but still think you are in over your mind) you can aquire a 100 % refund.

So my question for you is what is the risk? You are 360 is not likely to start like magic working again. You are likely to put more income in Microsoft's pockets should you send them back for them. You'll also find to hold back per month or even more to obtain your console back, in addition! So why wouldn't you try fixing it yourself. Used to do, saved a lot of money, and wish to help everybody else perform the same.

Are you aware that it may cost over $130 to possess Microsoft repair your Xbox 360. And that is still not certain to repair the problem.

Are you able to afford that? In the event you pay that? Absolutely not, when you are able repair it yourself!

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