Friday, June 1, 2012

So, you are searching for a fix to repair your damaged Xbox 360 with the 3 Red Lights problem

How did I understand?

Most likely because 10% of Xbox 360 360s will build up the dreaded Three Red-colored Lights, generally known to because the Red-colored Ring of Dying (RROD).

And also the sad factor is, Microsoft has been doing hardly any to assist the participant community. We spend 200 dollars or even more for any product that's almost certain to fail, after which are squashed into having to pay costly and (what ought to be) unnecessary support from the organization.

So What is the Answer?

If this involves the 3 Red-colored Lights on Xbox 360 Fix, you've 2 options:

1. Send the console off and away to Microsoft, purchase costly repair services (excluding pricey shipping costs), wait 4-6 days to allow them to ship it back, and cope with horrible customer support on the way.


2. Repair it yourself.

Repair it Myself! Are You Currently Crazy? Don't panic, I am not crazy.

Unlike what you are able think, fixing an Xbox 360 is actually easy. It's not necessary to be considered a computer genius or perhaps a technical guru. It just takes a couple of tools you are certain to have around your home, a while, along with a guide with step-by-step instructions to idiot-proof the procedure.

Why you receive individuals three red-colored lights on Xbox 360 is due to something known as an X-clamp. The X-clamp supports the graphical processor in position so when the machine will get too hot, it flexes and makes you have an error message - three red-colored lights.

How About my Warranty? So you are still under warranty? Which means you'll pay to possess your 360 shipped off, wait 4-6 days, then obtain a refurbished system back that will in all probability provide you with individuals same three red-colored lights soon.

You Stated it requires a Couple of Tools. What type of Tools? For that three red-colored lights on Xbox 360 fix, you will need simply a screwdriver along with a knife to pop the situation off.

How Lengthy Will it Take? Got 45 minutes to an hour? You'll be able to have your Xbox 360 ready to go much like new.

Just How Much is really a Repair Guide Likely to Cost? The 3 Red-colored Lights on Xbox 360 Fix Guide which I use costs $30. Which includes pictures, step-by-step videos, online support, along with a cash back guarantee. You heard right, whether it does not work (should you start watching the videos but still think you are in over your mind) you can aquire a 100 % refund.

So my question for you is what is the risk? You are 360 is not likely to start like magic working again. You are likely to put more income in Microsoft's pockets should you send them back for them. You'll also find to hold back per month or even more to obtain your console back, in addition! So why wouldn't you try fixing it yourself. Used to do, saved a lot of money, and wish to help everybody else perform the same.

Are you aware that it may cost over $130 to possess Microsoft repair your Xbox 360. And that is still not certain to repair the problem.

Are you able to afford that? In the event you pay that? Absolutely not, when you are able repair it yourself!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Repair Options

If your Xbox 360 warranty has expired and you have the well-known Xbox 360 red ring of death error (also known as xbox 360 3 red lights), it is important to find a proven repair guide for your Xbox 360. These types of X360 repair manuals teach you how to restore this hardware malfunction in approximately 60 minutes.
This repair option appeals to Xbox 360 owners because the 3 red light repair alternatives are more expensive and take a lot more time.

When the Xbox 360 console gets hot, one of the basic concerns is damaging one or more of the crucial components in the game console. By playing for long periods of time, the hardware inside the console gets increasingly hotter and this can affect some fundamental solder connections. The on-going heat build-up can become so bad that one or more of the electronic components end up breaking down either because they get too hot or some other part inside the xbox 360 gets too hot and breaks.

The Xbox 360 red ring of death repair on its own is quite simple and doesn't require any specialized tools or too much time. But you do have to be comfortable taking apart the entire console since the overheating problem area is hidden at the very bottom of the console. Do get too stressed however. Thousands of people have successfully fixed the "xbox 360 red ring of death" and not had any future problems.

In order to discover the best 3 red light repair guides, make sure to go online and search "Xbox 360 3 red lights repair guide reviews". You will be able to get a listing of Xbox 360 3 red light review web sites. It is essential to read these reviews carefully and compare the precise guidelines each one suggests that can fix your Xbox. Look for a repair guide that talks about the overheating hardware failure and one that also includes videos of the actual repair process.

Friday, February 20, 2009

XBox 360 3 Red Lights Problem - Which Repair Option is Best For You?

So you're cruising along playing your favorite Xbox 360 "shoot'em up game" when all of a sudden "IT" happens! Bam! You've been hit with the infamous Xbox 360 3 red lights problem.

How can you tell? Well, your screen freezes, rebooting your xBox doesn't help, and you now have 3 red flashing lights on the front panel where you used to see 4 steady green lights. Your gaming has come to a sudden halt.

What you've just experienced is a hardware failure that has struck over 30% of all Xbox 360 owners. Those three flashing red lights indicate a hardware failure caused by overheating inside the GPU (general processing unit). You see, when the engineers designed the 360 they didn't design in enough cooling to dissipate the tremendous heat generated by the processors. So the result is with extended play or possibly defective chips inside your Xbox you end up with what has now been commonly known as the "Red Ring of Death". Now what do you do?

In the overall scheme of things what you need to do is improve the cooling inside the GPU. That means getting rid of the heat buildup faster.

Here's a quick rundown of your options...

1. If your XBox is still covered by Microsoft's extended three year warranty (which covers just the 3 red lights error) your only practical choice is to send the unit back to Microsoft for repair. The reason for this is that if you open your Xbox unit, you immediately void the warranty. So if you have any other trouble with your X360 Microsoft won't repair it for free.

2. If you are not covered by Microsoft's warranty any more, you have a few other options open to you. If you are not so mechanically inclined, your best bet is probably to send your Xbox 360 out to one of the third party repair services that have sprung up since this problem has become more and more common. I recently found a person on eBay who repaired 360's that specifically had the three red lights problem. The charge was around $45 with free return shipping. That particular unit has been working perfectly ever since.

3. If you are a do-it-yourself type person, there are several 3 red light repair guides available for instant download on the Internet. Just type in the "Xbox 360 3 red light repair guide reviews" and you will get a long list of websites that review the various guides. Be careful when using these sites for honest objective information. The majority of the sites are really just glorified advertisements for a specific guide that the website owner sells as an affiliate. In any case, all these guides now come with videos so that you really don't even need to refer to the manuals anymore. I recently repaired my son's Xbox using just the videos that came with a repair guide.

4. You're fourth option is to purchase a fan unit that you install right on the box. This fan add-on essentially sucks more air out than the simple convective cooling (i.e. heat naturally rising through the ventilation holes) that was designed into the original XBox. The fan add-ons cost about $40. They've had mixed reviews. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. If the chips inside the GPU have become damaged because of the excessive heat build-up, no amount of extra cooling is going to improve your situation.

Whichever option you decide on to get your hardware repaired, you will be playing again soon enough. Sure it's frustrating but then again the Xbox is a machine and machines to break so be patient don't panic and pick the repair option that best fit your situation.

After our evaluation, we've selected this one as the best XBox 360 3 Red Lights Repair Guide.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

X360 3 Red Lights Repair Guide

The cause of the problem is overheating inside the main X360 game unit. All of that processing power generates a lot of heat. That heat has to go somewhere. The original X360 design didn't allow for sufficient cooling and X360es began failing shortly after the product was launched. Microsoft has since this problem and newer X360es don't have the three red lights issue any more. But there are several hundred thousand units out there that are susceptible to coming down with the X360 "Red Ring of Death" at any time.

The X360 uses heat sinks, vented openings, and fans to aid in dissipation of the heat that is generated. The flow through these vents can become obstructed for a variety of reasons. This then causes reduced system performance and hardware failure. The three red lights is the code that indicates a hardware failure due to excessive heat. If you see this, you can try placing the X360 console in an open area, free any debris that might be blocking the vents.

A second problem, also heat related, is the CPU (Central Processing Unit) becoming overheated. When this happens it can cause the motherboard to flex causing the soldering to become loose. Modern solder is lead-free and is more brittle than older solder which had tine and lead in it making it more flexible.

Initially, Microsoft repaired consoles under the 90 day warranty at no charge. Out-of-warranty units were repaired for a $140 charge, pretty steep. In July 2007, Microsoft extended extended the warranty of all X360 consoles suffering general hardware failures to one year.

If you've had the X360 three red lights problem, you can ship it to a repair center and wait. Not a very attractive option. Fortunately, there is a better and cheaper alternative, There are several X360 three red lights self repair guides available that will get you up and running in about an hour using regular household tools. I've reviewed the top four XBOX 360 repair guides and found what I feel is the best one. Whatever your situation, good luck in getting your X360 repaired as soon as possible.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Can "Do-It-Yourself'ers" Really Fix The XBox 360 3 Red Lights Problem?

If you're a XBox 360 gamer, you've either had the XBox 360 3 Red Lights Problem yourself or you know someone who has. That's just the way it is. You've probably also heard about the guides out there that supposedly tell you how to fix this problem yourself. The question of the day is "Do they really work?" Can a guy or gal with a few simple tools really get their XBox 360 back up and running in about an hour? Well, I'm here to tell you that the answer is an emphatic "Yes". I know because I've done it. Not just once, but over and over.

Have you ever heard of "Occam's Razor?" Well if not, it's a wonderful little principle put forth by a 14th century English logician and Franciscian friar named William of Occam that states (and I'm paraphrasing here) "All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best". In more modern terms, I guess it's the KISS principle - "Keep It Simple, Stupid". So what does this have to do with getting back to playing Halo 3 on your XBox 360? When I was first faced with the XBox 360 3 red lights problem, I was overwhelmed. It was my son's system and he was heartbroken that his game had stopped working. I didn't know what to do and ended up doing all kinds of research, Googling it left and right, learning everything I could about the problem and what one was supposed to do to get their system back up and running.

I'm here to tell you that the best thing you can do, if your XBox 360 has the 3 red lights problem (aka the Red Ring of Death) is to keep it simple. Don't over think it. Don't over research it. Just keep it simple. Yes you can fix this problem yourself and yes it does take about an hour (maybe 2 if you're overly cautious like me).

There are several guides out there that tell you exactly how to fix this problem. I bought one and had my son's XBox 360 back up and running in about 90 minutes. Then I had the bright idea of buying broken XBoxes on eBay, fixing them, and re-selling them. So I bought 4 different 3 red lights fix-it guides, I bought 4 XBox 360's on eBay that had the 3 red lights problem and I proceeded to fix each one using a different guide each time. I wanted to see if all the guides really worked. The answer is yes, they all really work.

Each guide presents essentially the same solution. But they all do it a bit differently and with various levels of clarity. In my opinion, one of them is clearly superior to the rest in terms of providing clear step-by-step instructions and supporting documentation. After reading the many repair guides out there, this 3 Red Lights Guide is the best..

If you've got the 3 red lights problem, good luck. If you choose to fix it yourself, the guide I chose as the best will get you through this fix and have you back up and fighting the aliens in no time.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Your Xbox 360 Has 3 Flashing Red Lights - Now What?

I've talked to I don't know how many XBox 360 owners who've experienced the 3 red lights problem on their XBox 360 units. Their reactions range from sad to mad to confused to "HELP!". When an X360 flashes 3 red lights, there's really no need to panic, or even to get bent out of shape at all. You've got lots of company. Several hundred people visit this blog every week. And the only reason they're here is that they are having the exact same problem you are.

It's true that having the so called XBox "Red Ring of Death" is a major bummer. When my son's, X360 had this problem (about 2 week after he got it for Christmas) he was heartbroken. I would have moved heaven and earth to get it fixed for him. As it happened my best course of action was to send the unit back to Microsoft for the fix. It took about 2 weeks and there was no charge because the unit was still under warranty. If your XBox 360 is still under warranty, you should do the same. Don't void the warranty by popping it open and trying to fix it yourself. It just isn't worth it.

If, however, you are out of warranty, you should choose one of the following courses of action:

1. If you are not comfortable popping open the Xbox yourself and doing some simple repairs, then contact a 3rd party repair service for a quote (it'll be around $50-$75 and your XBox360 will be gone about a week, depending on the company's current workload.). Google it. You should find some repair places in your general area.

2. If you're like me and are a compulsive "do-it-yourself'er", you should seriously consider buying one of the XBox 360 3 Red Light Repair Guides that are available. The fix is an easy one, requires simple tools you probably already have, or that you can pick up at your local hardware store, and takes about an hour. And best of all, it sure beats being without your games for a couple of weeks, or more.

I've been through the top 4 guides and used each one to fix a different broken XBox 360 (I bought each of the 4 units on eBay and each had the 3 red lights problem). I managed to get all 4 of them back up and running within an hour by following the instructions in the respective guide book. Then I put them back up on eBay and made a nice little profit for myself. But that's another story.

Here's my no-nonsense reviews of the 4 XBox 360 3 Red Light Fix-it guides. Very brief summary... all of the guides will get the job done, but one of them is clearly superior to the others, in my opinion.

Good luck!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair - Do it Yourself!

Well, Christmas is on the way. And if your Christmas budget is like mine, you're probably not expecting a brand spanking new XBox 360 waiting for you under the tree. If you're trusty X360 is still running great, good for you and keep your fingers crossed. If you've had the infamous XBox 360 3 Red Lights problem, then you're probably interested in a fast, low-cost 3 Red Lights fix. Good news. It's available, and it works.

I've reviewed the top 4 products on the market for the XBox 360 3 Red Lights Repair. They all have some good points, but there is one that I feel stands out from the crowd. I repaired 2 units yesterday using the exact same methods outlined in this simple 3 Red Lights repair do-it-yourself manual. If you're comfortable using some simple tools, the fix will be a breeze. Just follow the steps exactly and you'll be back up and running in about an hour.

Just a brief re-cap (I've covered most of this is previous posts). The XBox 360 3 Red Lights problem (aka X360 Red Ring of Death) is caused by a cooling problem. The X360 is, among other things, a very powerful computer. It is designed to do one thing very, very well, that is process graphics that give you a realistic view of the action on your screen. Those graphics take loads of processing power. And all those calculations mean the chips inside your XBox 360 are running pretty much full tilt all the time. That produces a tremendous amount of heat. To give you an idea of just how much heat a "balls to the wall" computer can produce, consider the supercomputers of the world. These are the massively powerful number crunches used by the military, NASA, the CIA, and large corporations. These computer come with powerful cooling units, like air conditioners, to keep the chip's temperature in a safe operating range.

The Xbox's heat generation isn't the real problem though, It's the lack of sufficient cooling that is the problem. And that's what the do-it-yourself guides deal with. The fix they take you through is permanent and works just about all the time. Statistics show that only about 6% of Xbox's can't be fixed at home, so your chances are very good that you'll get it fixed.

Check out my XBox 360 3 Red Lights repair guide reviews and see if this route is for you. All of the guides have refund policies, so you're not risking anything.

Good Luck!