Monday, November 19, 2007

Microsoft's Ballmer Gets XBox 360 Repair Profits Figures

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was told today that the software giant's profits from repairing the poorly built XBox 360 soared last month to record levels. The average $140 customer repair bill per unit added "significantly" to Microsoft's Game division profit levels.

"This is great", Ballmer was quoted as saying. "Does the latest XBox have the 3 red light problem too?" he was heard whispering to one of his staffers. "Can we make it a 4 red light problem and bump the repair bill up 25%", he joked.

Customer's left out to dry were reportedly taking matters into their own hands and going the "do-it-yourself" route in droves. Several do-it-yourself fix it guides have been made available recently. This website reviews the 4 top Red Light fix-it guides.

Yea, it's fiction. But isn't it just a little bit believable? I hope multi-billionaires have a sense of humor too.

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